We are ELATED to welcome you to the launch of our blog, Two Moms in the Kitchen.  We have been waiting for this day since the idea popped into our heads and we are thrilled to have a forum to be able to share our knowledge, thoughts, recipes, photos, favorite products and more!  Our goal is to inspire and encourage our followers to join our journey towards a healthy lifestyle!!!  There’s sooooo much we want to share all at once, but we want to take you step by step, the way we did it, to remove any anxieties and prevent the overwhelming feelings that often come with changes like this!  We want to ensure that you have a ground floor understanding of the facts of healthy eating and then a completely comprehensive and organized way to achieve the best results!

We want to create a community within our blog where we can all share our ups and downs, triumphs and epiphanies, recipes and experiences to help inspire one another–there’s always something new to learn!

Please understand we are by no means experts–we have learned along the way and continue to everyday through taking nutrition courses, researching on our own and consulting with and following professionals. We have developed a passion and want to pay it forward and share it with the world, so WELCOME! We hope you enjoy our blog and join our community! We’re full steam ahead and not turning back!  Join us as we conquer a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our families!

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