Let’s Go H2O!! ***GIVEAWAY***

Raspberry and Basil

Did you know that 22% of calories Americans take in on a daily is from what they drink??  It’s like nails across a chalkboard when watching someone who is on a strict diet drink any kind of soda!!! Sugary drinks will destroy even the best of weight loss strategies not to mention damage other parts of your body with all the artificial additions!! H20 H20 H20!!! There are so many other great options than just drinking plain water if you’re not a fan like us! Naturally flavored seltzer with no added sugar or preservatives, sparkling water, fruit or herb infused water such as Mint or Metro Mint and finally, herbal or green/black tea! To discipline ourselves to take in our AGUA, we recently bought Aquazinger made by ZingEverything! WE ARE OBSESSED with our new toy! (Check out GIVEAWAY details for this product at the bottom of our post)

Women should be drinking 2 liters a day and men 3 liters a day! The benefits of drinking water are incredible! There are too many to list but here are just a few:

Diminishes headaches 

Increases energy

Relieves fatigue 

Prevents cramps and sprains

Improves skin complexion

Boosts your immune system

Aids in digestion

Flushes out toxins and the best part is it’s FREE!! 

If we take in the right amount of water, perhaps we won’t need to spend money on all the supplements, skin creams, detox pills/programs and finally, medication! It surely does a body good!

Real Life Experience:

As a first test to myself I decided to give up soda and all sugary drinks. Instead of drinking soda or iced tea I now drink water. With this small, yet somewhat difficult transition, you can make a huge impact on your body from the inside out. Some soda drinkers find the thought of giving up soda to be a daunting task but with patience and creativity I know you can do it. I am a huge fan of water and can drink it all day with no added flavor but I know many people who can’t get past the tasteless lack of flavor. For those of you who have a hard time drinking plain water, try adding a couple of slices of lemon to your water. Lemons not only add a nice taste but also help fight infection and are a great source of vitamin C. You can also add fresh or frozen fruit to your water. If you are buying your fruit frozen, make sure not to get a bag with additional sugars added. Another good source of flavor is fresh herbs. I love adding herbs to my drinks and food. This morning I had lime with basil and it was delicious! Xoxo,– Mama Kat

The thought of giving up soda for me was difficult as I absolutely LOVED it and sometimes there’s nothing like a fountain Coke. I know many of you feel me on this! However, when I put my mind to it, I realized that there were other ways than just boring old H20 so I started drinking MetroMint (brand) water, spearmint flavored and then jumped around between flavored seltzer and fruit infused waters.  I can honestly say after about 10 days without soda, I no longer craved it!  Every time I go out to eat I order water with lemon.  That little addition, makes it refreshing and flavorful and I really don’t miss the soda.  My best piece of advice is just stop buying it, it’s not what’s in the store, it’s what’s in your house! Xoxo, – Mama Kris

Aqua Zinger Banner.jpg.opt920x366o0,0s920x366

Because we love this product so much we want you to ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN your very own Aquazinger. It’s a super fun way to drink more water. You can add any combination of fruits, veggies, spices, etc.  From raspberries and mint, to cucumber and lemon with a dash of cayenne, the possibilities are endless!

Our GIVEAWAY has officially launched!!!!

In order to be entered into our GIVEAWAY you MUST do  #1 & #2 and you can earn extra points with #3 & #4

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4) Earn 1 Point when you Leave a COMMENT under this H20 post telling us what you would want to add to your Aquazinger Infuser.



23 thoughts on “Let’s Go H2O!! ***GIVEAWAY***

  1. I would add cucumbers or maybe raspberries or maybe lemons. So many options I wouldn’t know where to start.


  2. I’m trying to set a good example for my daughter (a new little one at 10 1/2 mo old) her seeing me drink out of this will only help!!! Working on changing the lifestyle for my husband and me and starting our girl out right 🙂

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  3. Hi Moms! I would add lemon and raspberries to my water! I work long hours at a hospital, (where coffee is more available than water!) so I would add fruit to the tap water so it tastes better and I drink more while I am working!

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  4. This looks pretty cool. I would love to try it out. I’ve only tried cucumber or pineapple in my water and they were both awesome. I really need to start trying new combinations!!

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  5. Hola Mom’s! I like to add lime and any kind of berries to my infuser. I tried cucumber and lemon yesterday and was happily surprised at the refreshing taste. After reading these above comments I will try mint next and maybe basil. I cannot wait for melon season…..fresh watermelon, cantaloupe, with basil and mint sounds yummy to me!

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  6. I like to put lemon, lime, cucumber, and mint in my water. I also like lime, raspberry and mint. I want to try adding some fresh ginger slices too. I love fresh ginger and it has a lot of health benefits as well. Another healthy soda/sugar ice tea alternative is Hibiscus Ice Tea, it is so refreshing during the summer time and it doesn’t need any sugar to give it it’s nice flavor. I don’t have a fancy water bottle just make a big pitcher at night time. This looks like an awesome tool though!

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  7. I need to up my water intake (especially since I have a history of kidney stones…need to flush those kidneys) however, I struggle getting the recommended amount down. This product would help me do so immensely! In the past, I’ve added lemon, cucumber, and fresh mint leaves to my water…so fresh and rejuvenating!

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  8. I absolutely love, love, love this product! I’ve been wanting it for weeks! I personally love water but have been experimenting with different flavors! I have a water bottle infusior but it is limited to what you can put inside and I feel doesn’t work as well as the aqua zinger!! 👍

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  9. I love making up fun water combinations (by season) to keep hydrated. This winter I’ve been doing green apple and cinnamon. Then for the spring/summer I like cucumber and basil, lemon and basil, cucumber and mint, strawberries and mint, raspberries and basil, peach and ginger… I think I’m pretty excited for summer haha 🙂

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  10. Thank you for this post!!! I NEED to stop drinking soda and getting the extra cream and sugar in my coffee. I too, as you know Mama Kris, love me some fountain coke!! Sometimes you need a reminder on how bad soda is for you!! Thanks again 🙂


    • Carissa, Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I too LOVE my coffee with Half n Half and 2 sugars. However, I switched my full fat Half n Half to Fat Free and instead of white sugar I am currently using 1 tsp. of Cane Sugar. Hopefully, I won’t have to add any sugar at all once my taste buds get used to the change. Good luck and let me know if you incorporate these coffee changes too -Mama Kat

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      • Kat — Have you ever tried coconut oil in your coffee? I know it sounds weird but that + cinnamon did the trick for me cutting all milk/cream (the dairy is very bad for my system…silly adulthood haha!) and sugar in my coffee.


      • Have you tried SO Delicious Coconut creamery? It’s actually REALLY good and has no coconut flavor and the consistency of half & half. Remember to be careful with fat free stuff- they typically add more sugar to it to cover up the fact that it doesn’t have fat. I’m pretty sure I almost bought the fat free half n half but saw that it had corn syrup in it, but then I saw the SO Delicious and got that instead and have been using that ever since.

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