Almond Butter Cacao Smoothie





1 Whole banana, I used fresh but you can use frozen too
2 Tbsp. of Almond Butter
2 Tbsp. of Cacao powder. you can also use cocoa powder (SEE BELOW FOR DIFFERENCE)
2 Cups of Almond milk, this would be great with chocolate almond milk or coconut milk too
2 Tbsp of chia seeds
2 Ice cubes


In a blender, I use my Nutribullet, add all of the ingredients and blend until smooth. While that is blending add some almond butter with your finger to the rim of your glass and dip into some chia seeds. Pour the blended ingredients into your cup and top with some cacao nibs


There seems to be some controversy on this topic. While some say that there is no difference at all except the spelling and pronunciation of the word, others argue that cacao is raw and unprocessed unlike it’s sister cocoa who has added sweeteners and cocoa butter.

Cacao Powder (pronounced CA-COW) is the raw, unprocessed form of chocolate that is not roasted and contains no sugar or cocoa butter.

Cocoa Powder (pronounced CO-CO) is the anglicized version of the word cacao. Cocoa powder is ground, roasted and often has sweeteners and cocoa butter added to it.

Personally- there is a distinct taste difference between the 2 powders. The taste of the cacao powder does seem “raw” due to the fact that I grew up on cocoa powder which seems to have more of a chocolatey taste then cacao. – Mama Kat

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