Who’s Down with O.P.?? ME!!!!

What’s all this craze about oil pulling you ask??? Well it’s funny it’s been around for quite a while as a traditional folk remedy but was recently rediscovered! Dr. Oz highlighted it on his show last week and since then it’s been popping up errrrwhere!!

Well, last night my fellow mom, Kat, of Two Moms in the Kitchen, started reading the article to me on oil pulling and within minutes of our phone conversation, I had an article in my inbox from my step-brother so then I was super intrigued being hit with this twice within minutes! It mentioned you could use sesame or coconut oil and all I had was sesame so last night I put all the kids to bed, drew a bath, set my timer and started swishing!

All you do is a take a Tbsp. of sesame or coconut oil and swish it around your mouth, sip, suck and pull it through your teeth. I even gargled here and there with it!! It’s said to be the most inexpensive healing treatment one could get!!

By doing this, you activate enzymes and those enzymes draw toxins out of the blood. Be sure not to swallow the oil as it will be full of toxins! The most obvious benefits are with your oral health, such as whiter teeth, fresher breath, less sensitivity in your teeth and gums and it most definitely strengthens your jaw muscles! It’s known to strengthen your teeth and gums as well as prevent cavities and gingivitis! People with TMJ have seen improvements as well!!

Aside from oral health, it’s also been known to:

+ Help get rid of acne/ eczema/ psoriasis/ & other skin care issues.

+ Be a general body detox.

+ Cure a hangover & a migraine.

+ Help with sleep issues.

+ Clear out your sinuses & helps allergy sufferers.

+ Help with general pain issues.

+ Manage any weird hormonal imbalances.

The idea of 20 min. of switching definitely seemed like a daunting task but I can tell you the second time around was much easier than the first and I assume once my jaw gets used to it, it will seem effortless! The idea is to do it first thing in the am before you brush your teeth and before you eat anything! My morning routine consists of me taking a shower before my kids or hubby wake so it’s perfect for me! I set my timer, jump in the shower and before I know it, it’s complete! Then brush your teeth and move on about your business!!

Be sure not to spit it down any drains or you’ll be clogging up your pipes! Spit it into a small bathroom size rinse cup and discard or into a napkin and then into the trash!

For me, after the second time I noticed whiter teeth and less sensitivity when I swished cold water in my mouth after brushing my teeth. I kind of can’t wait to do it again!! I’m a little obsessed with O.P. right about now!!

After my FB post this am some have mentioned that there’s no scientific research behind it but honestly, it’s extremely rare that any research dollars would go into any holistic remedy. Many natural treatments that have proven successful don’t get attention from the medical community and I watched this first hand when my mom was battling stage IV breast cancer. I spent countless hours researching various clinical trials that were proving to put people into remission yet were shut down by the FDA because the human body had no toxicity level to the natural remedy and therefore it would be difficult to prescribe, market and sell, etc. It was a real eye opener that showed me that the healthcare is America is below par! We have by far the best crisis care and medical staff are right there to treat, medicate and/or operate once you have an issue but no one’s telling us how we can stay healthy! And why would they–they’d be out of business!! Ok, ok, let me stop because this is for a whole other blog post and I need to close this can of worms! Anyway, the point is, there’s been many success stories behind oil pulling and I can’t see how there could be any harm in trying!!

Be sure the oil you choose is expeller pressed which means the oil has been extracted mechanically verses chemically! (Sidebar:That applies for any cooking oils–choose expeller pressed or cold-pressed!) Ok, back to oil pulling–be sure to buy organic, unrefined oil! I purchased the brand, Spectrum (pictured in the post) and I bought it at Wegmans but Costco and Sam’s Club sell a big jar!

I’m sure most of you spend the first 20 minutes of your morning checking emails, texts or Facebook so put the oil in your mouth, set your phone timer, get back in bed, and check away! The time will go fast!!

We would love to hear everyone’s experience and I will come back to post any new findings with my oil pulling so please comment on this post and share it as well!! Let’s get more people down with O.P.!!!


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