Set Yourself Up for Success!

So now that you have some of the basics down of healthy eating (GMO, Organic), we want to take you step by step for what we panned out to be the 5 Steps for Success towards healthy-eating!  After evaluating each of our own experiences, we think we have come up with a great way that makes it less overwhelming and more comprehensive–two of the key factors that helped us stay on track!!  Everyday this week (Monday-Friday) we will reveal each step and then on Monday, March, 17th, (St. Patrick’s Day), we will propose a challenge that we plan to join in on with you!! We hope many of you will be up for it and ready for action!!

The first pre-step of course is learning what’s in your food and the reasons why you should be conscious about what you’re putting into your body.  Understanding organics as well as GMO contained foods is a large part of the reason we made the switch to begin with so although there’s still a ton of information out there, those two are pretty major and were the turning points for us!  Get ready for Step 1!!!


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