Dear Jeans, I miss you ♥ Mama Kat

Real Talk:

Growing up I never ate healthy and to be honest I never thought I had a reason to being I was a size 0-2 until I hit my early 20’s. At the time I couldn’t even fathom ever eating anything less than FULL FAT. My friends will tell you, I couldn’t comprehend why anyone would eat low-fat or fat-free anything and if you ordered a diet soda that just disgusted me. I didn’t want to make a change until I started realizing that those “eat what you want, when you want” days were now affecting my boobs, butt and thighs, not to mention learning what unhealthy eating did to my insides. From then on I attempted to eat healthier but failed time and time again because my love for food was too tight of a bond to let go of.

Fast forward to the age of 30, 3 months pregnant and slowly gaining weight. I was completely okay with it for obvious reasons, in fact I embraced it and went back to my “eat what you want, when you want” days. By the end of my pregnancy I had gained 50 POUNDS!!! Woah! Since having my son I have been really trying to stay on track with my eating. Now more than ever I want to have my old body back. I want to be energized and feel good about the way I look and the way I feel. I want to be able to say that there is one thing that I like about myself. I use to love my boobs, they were perfect, however, even they have disappointed me and moved South. Womp womp womp!

In May 2013 a friend recommended the Beach Body Ultimate Reset Cleanse. It’s a 21 day cleanse that teaches you that through your food choices you can rid your body of all the toxins it has stored and learn how to make smarter, cleaner meals. Through this cleanse I was introduced to foods that I either never heard of or cooked with before. e.g. quinoa, kale, tempeh, millet and miso.

At the end of my 21 days I was down 9 pounds and fitting into a pair of jeans that were once too tight. We all know we have held onto that pair of jeans for more than 10 years waiting and praying for the day that we can reunite! I’m not certain what I lost in measurements but I knew that by fitting in those jeans I was down some inches. After finishing the cleanse, I did my body an injustice by binging on all the crap that I missed out on while on the cleanse. Basically, anything filled with sugar, ALCOHOL and most importantly COFFEE. God I really missed coffee! I remember feeling like such a failure. I went 21 days and felt great and was so proud of myself for completing this not so easy task and then I went and ruined it all. I put back on the 9 pounds that I lost and felt horrible about it.

My Jeans

January 2014 Im sitting at the end of my bed looking into my closet looking at all of my old jeans that I can no longer wear and then IT HITS ME. WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING TO MYSELF? I have some nice jeans. Really nice jeans. Expensive jeans. Here I am depriving my caboose from enjoying the luxuries of my Joe’s Jeans, my J Brands and even my old school Sevens, while I sit here in my stretch pants hating the way I feel about myself. Right then and there I thought to myself “I’m going to do this for my jeans!” Sounds silly right? Probably to some. Most women, I think, will know exactly what I’m talking about. So here I am, trying to make the right choices food wise, exercise and overall maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now don’t get me wrong, I will still have my occasional glass of wine or margarita (I did’t say I was giving up on having some fun) & I am still drinking my coffee but instead of sugar I am enjoying some coconut creamer (hold the sugar). At the end of the day, all I can do is try. And YES I will sometimes have something that isn’t necessarily “healthy” but as long as I have those things in moderation then I know I will be okay. It’s a long journey but I’m willing to take it to get back in my jeans.

Mama Kat

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