5 Reasons Why We Love Being A Mom


One of the biggest inspirations behind the mission of this blog is our children!! We each wanted to reflect on motherhood and share our top 5 reasons why we love being a mom! We would love to hear your top 5 too so please feel free to write them in the comment section following this post!!!

Wishing all our amazing fellow Moms and Moms to be a beautiful Mother’s Day!!!



Mama Kris-

1. One of the very best parts of being a mom for me is the privilege and honor to shape these tiny humans, their minds and their souls so that they grow to positively impact our society and hopefully contribute something great!

2. Watching my children develop from day one has been such an incredible experience and journey. From the littlest moments of their first words and steps to larger experiences such as their first dance recital or T-Ball game, it brings such joy and is so rewarding.

3. Being a mom has grown me personally in a way I never thought possible. I have become so much less concerned about the little things in life that used to bother me and I have become much less judgmental. You don’t understand certain things until you become a mom and then you learn to pick and choose your battles. I am truly a better person because I live each day with the thought in mind that everything I do, I want my children to learn from and be proud of. Children learn primarily from action!

4. The love I share with my children is unparalleled and could never be compared to that with anyone else. They were a part of me for 9 months and are the only ones who have heard my heartbeat from the inside. It’s an unbreakable bond!

5. Finally, I just love the everyday moments–the little things–the random hugs and kisses and I Love you’s, the love I see between my children and how much they adore and care for each other, watching family movies together and hearing their laughter. Being a mom is the greatest vocation I have ever known and truly God’s greatest gift to a woman. If there’s anything in my life that I’m most proud of, it’s these little people who call me Mom!!




Mama Kat-

1. I love our love. I’ve never loved anything or anyone the way I love my son. It’s unconditional and pure and we have an amazing bond.

2. I love watching him learn and grow. Everyday he learns something new; whether it’s a new word or seeing his eyes light up when he is introduced to a new bug species he is so excited and so curious.

3. Being a mom is my proudest achievement. I didn’t think I could have children so to have this beautiful, amazing little boy who I can teach and mold to an incredible man inspires me.

4. I never realized how much I could accomplish in one day until I became a mom. It’s amazing what you can do with one hand.

5. My son thinks I’m the greatest! Whether I’m making silly faces, tripping over my own 2 feet, grabbing his favorite cookies from the cupboard or helping him down the slide at the park, he looks at me with loving, trusting eyes. I am his hero, his best friend, comedian and his comfort and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.



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