It’s Summer-Time for Kabobs!


Grilling season is upon us and it’s one of my very favorite ways to cook!! Many people, particularly men, who are guests at my home always are extremely surprised that I’m the Grill Master in my home and they tease my husband but I make it quite clear that it’s totally my choice and I don’t want him on the grill!! It’s therapeutic to me and I absolutely love the ease and deliciousness that grilling offers!!

One of the most fun meals for me during the summer are kabob nights! I just love the versatility that they offer–just take your favorite choice of meat be it chicken, steak, pork or even shrimp and marinate it the night before for the most flavor! You can choose any type of marinade from Italian dressing to teriyaki to dry rubs, whatever floats your boat! Then take your veggies about an hour before you plan to grill and marinate those as well in a ziplock bag if you’d like–otherwise you can just put them on dressed with a little olive oil, salt and pepper!!

I have great metal skewers from Pampered Chef but I also use the wooden ones and I soak those in water about an hour before I grill to ensure they don’t burn! Once everything is marinated to my liking, I make my kabobs alternating chicken with the veggies. You can also add fruit such as pineapple or nectarines which are delicious grilled! I love me some sweet and savory combo!! This is also a fun way to get the kids cooking with you! Just be sure they don’t stab their little fingers!

Get your grill nice and hot and add those kabobs! Turn them every five minutes or so to ensure you don’t burn any of the sides but that they cook through as kabob meat is best in thick chunks!

Happy Grilling!


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