Join our Community Kitchen

Although summer is a busy time with the kids home from school and so many places to go and see, we are always thinking about ways to enhance our site and our lives! We love our followers and have learned so much from all of you through these last few months of posting! We wanted to dig deeper into the sharing of ideas, tips, new foods to try, etc. so we decided to create Community Kitchen, a place to share your recipes, love of healthy foods, tips and more! Through this, we hope to continue to inspire one another as like you, we aren’t professional chefs or nutritionists but are two Moms who are eager to keep themselves and their families healthy and are always open to more knowledge, ideas and recipes from like minded individuals within our network.

Please share this post with your friends & family, the more you share the more recipes we receive. We’re ready to start cooking up some new meals, are you?

Go ahead and email us, we’re waiting to hear from you….


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