First time Mommies & Daddies

Hello to our first time parents!!! Preparing for your new arrival can be so stressful and overwhelming. We know because we’ve been there–a few times! Recently a friend had asked us to send a list of our favorite products so we figured we would share it with all of you and take the guess work out of the many choices when registering for your little bundle!

Every mom that you know will be giving you advice and recommending the must have baby items but just remember it’s all relative. The amount of space you have available in your home should determine the amount and size of the items you choose.

For example: I ( Mama Kat) was in a 1 bedroom condo at the time my first son was born so I didn’t have a ton of space available. Instead of adding a changing table to my registry, I added just the changing pad. The changing pad can be locked onto your furniture and I had the perfect sized book shelf to use. I removed all of the books and tchotchkes and instead locked the pad onto the top, added diapers, wipes, A&D ointment, burp cloths, pacifiers etc. and put it right next to my rocking chair. It was super convenient and helped us to clear up more space for things like a baby swing. Speaking of baby swing, here are a few tips on certain items…

Baby swings- The legs on a baby swing can spread very wide which we didn’t realize. Had I known this prior, I would have went straight with the 4moms Mamaroo which has a small base and moves in 5 different directions, imitating a ride in a car seat.

Baby wipe warmer- I added this to my registry and thought it was helpful. I know I wouldn’t want a cold wipe on my bottom at all hours of the day. I found that having the wipes warm wouldn’t startle my son when he needed to be changed. I was able to change him while he was sleeping and he would stay asleep. Many moms would say that this is an item that you don’t need but I disagree.

Diaper Genie- I never used the diaper genie for two reasons. 1) So many moms have said it’s a waste 2) I don’t like the idea of soiled diapers sitting in any container in my home longer than necessary! Instead of the diaper genie, I added disposable trash bags for diapers and threw the spoiled diapers right into these bags, tied them & into the trash they went. Or grocery store bags work just as well! That’s what Mama Kris does but disposes them in the garage garbage!

Changing table- These are mostly good when the baby is very young and chances of being peed or pooped on are frequent but the other option is to lay down a disposable changing pad right onto your furniture and change baby right there. If you have the room for one or have a sofa that you would hate to get dirty then by all means get a changing table.

Baby Registry list

Getting started–you can register at any baby store. The main stores that most people go to register are Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Target, Pottery Barn, Amazon, the Land of Nod, etc. There are also registry sites that let you add baby items from any store that you want and all items are combined onto one website.

Which store you decide to choose is entirely up to you. Which store is located closest to the guests of your shower? Believe it or not there are still people out there who would prefer to go to the actual store then shop online (I am not one of these people lol)


-White Onesies- add all sizes to your registry. If your baby will be born in the winter make sure to also add long sleeve.
-Sleepsack- get 2– 0-3 & 3-6
-Layette- add all sizes
-Long sleeve sleepwear- these onesies are perfect for baby.
-Swaddle blankets
-Mittens- their little finger nails grow quickly and they can easily scratch themselves

Nursing & feeding

-Medela Breast pump (check with your health insurance to see if they offer a free pump. You can also rent a pump so do your research online)
-Medela Freezer bags
-Medela Storage bottles
-Medela lanolin (nipple cream for mom)
-Medela steam bags
-Boppy or my Brest Friend Pillow
-Dr. Browns Bottles- they have many pieces but are supposed to be the best
-Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack
-Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Bottle -Dishwasher Basket
-Avent bottles or Tommy Tippee
-High chair
-1st spoon, fork, bowl & plate
-Sippy cup
-Pacifiers- hospitals use the Avent smoothies so I added 1 of each size 0-3, 3-6 etc.
I also like the Wubbanub pacifiers because they are very easy to find when you need to locate a quick paci in the car to calm baby. A pacifier clip can be very handy as well!

-Teether – Get a few that you can have in the freezer. I also like the net teether that you can add frozen fruit to.
-Burp cloths and bibs- you can add matching sets to the registry. Aiden & Anai have some great quality burp cloths that I would highly recommend.

*If you already know what you will be naming the baby and you’re not keeping it a secret, make sure that is included on the baby shower invite or on your registry as many people like to order custom monogrammed bibs and gifts.


-Baby monitor- Summer Infant
-Locks for kitchen cabinets. Many people like the magnetic ones
-Baby gates
-Outlet plugs
-Night light- this is for mom and dad so you don’t walk into anything in the middle of the night. 😉
-Sound machine
-Humidifier- for a reasonable price I would recommend the crane. 
-Thermometer-Safety 1st® Advanced Solutions No Touch Temporal Thermometer
-Car mirror- Brica Day and Night Musical Mirror. Comes with a remote that you keep attached to your visor and with the hit of a button it puts a light glow on the baby to see if he/she is sleeping or to help you find the paci. You can also play music for the baby with the remote.


-Nail gift set
-Honest Co. Wash Gift Set
-Large A&D Diaper Cream
-Baby cotton swabs (Q-tips)
-Blooming Bath- if you plan on washing baby in sink
-Baby Bath- 4Moms Bath Tub
-Spout Cover- 4Moms has one that tells you the temp of the water


You have to decide if you want to do cloth diapers (you can hand wash or throw in the washing machine. This option will save you a lot of money but it’s a lot more work) or you can add traditional diapers such as Pampers, Huggies etc.
Personally I couldn’t fathom using cloth diapers and still can’t. Traditional diapers for me :). 

For my first child I only used Pampers swaddlers but this time around I find that Targets brand and Kirklands brand work just as well for a lot less $$$

Huggins Overnights are great when they get older and you find that they are peeing a lot more in the middle of the night.

-Add to your registry the largest box of diapers in size 1, 2 & 3

-Add the largest baby wipes to your registry.

The Gear

-Stroller – I have the Uppa Baby Vista and love it. If you travel a lot you might want to also add to the registry an umbrella stroller.
-Car seat- always check the safety ratings before choosing. Right now the safest car seat is the Chico Keyfit and Chico Keyfit30
(The Bundle me car seat covers are fantastic for the winter. I find that putting a jacket on the baby is too bulky when fastening them in and then they can get hot in the car so the Bundle Me is the perfect solution. They also have lighter ones for chilly spring days.
-Baby Carrier- I had the Baby Bjorn for my first and loved it. I received the Boba Baby Wrap Carrier for my second child and for the life of me can not figure this thing out. I’ve watched the instructional videos over and over again. I don’t feel like it’s holding my child enough, I don’t know, I guess it just me lol
-Swing- 4Moms Mamaroo
Pac & Play–this is great to keep in your family room and they now have diaper changing stations attached with storage for diapers, wipes, creams, etc. which is very convenient. I have one by Graco. Be sure to get a 2 pack of pac and play sheets.
-Playmat- personal preference
-Walker- personal preference (many advise against a walker so it’s not exactly necessary these days)
Bouncy seat: a great option from day 1. Your newborn can sit in here while you pump, cook, or run to the bathroom. It keeps them in an upright position so also helps to build their neck muscles and strength.
-Diaper bag- personal preference but I will say I prefer a stroller bag. You can carry them on your shoulder or clip it to the stroller freeing up space in the basket.
-Exersaucer- We have the Evenflo Triple Fun Animal Planet Active Learning Center.
Shopping cart seat cover


-Crib- this depends on the room that you have. If you have the room for a convertible then get it. It will save you money down the line using this from crib to toddler to full.
-Bedding- personal preference. Be sure to have extra crib sheets.
-Rocking Chair- for me this was a must have. I didn’t have anything that rocked and I still use it to this day to read to my son.
-Baby blanket- add a few to your registry, including a stroller blanket.


-Car seat toy attachment
-Plush blocks
-Toys for bath
-Books- A lot of people request that all baby shower guests bring a book in replace of a card so you have not only a nice collection to read but you can always go back and read what that person wrote to the baby.

Gift cards are great to add to your registry too! They will be sure to be useful before and after the baby comes!

Anything that wasn’t purchased off of the registry you can purchase at a discounted rate after the event date has past.

Also, anything that you don’t want you can bring back to the store for store credit!

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