Your Go-To Grill guide

The last day of Summer will be here before we know it, September 22nd to be exact (insert sad face) so let’s make sure we use up that awesome BBQ you have in the backyard with some GRILLING. Below is your Go-To Grill Guide that we received from Gherich & Co, we hope you find … Continue reading

Garden Fresh Gravy

Have you ever made tomato sauce from scratch? I’m not talking about whole tomatoes in a can that you add fresh ingredients to, I’m talking fresh, organic, homegrown, straight from the garden tomatoes. You can absolutely taste the difference between store bought sauce and homemade sauce and once you go homemade, you will never go back. If you … Continue reading

Our Garden

This year we decided to start our very own garden. We were super excited to get started but nervous that we were going to screw up. We read many stories online about gardening and the do’s and don’t’s of gardening but we still felt like we were going to get something wrong. It’s a little … Continue reading

Zucchini spaghetti with roasted red pepper cream sauce

Can we talk about how excited I am right now about my newest kitchen gadget?!!! My friend, Lauren, told me about a spiralizer she bought last week to make spaghetti out of yams and zucchini and I was immediately sold!!! I jumped right on Amazon and bought it! It just came yesterday so today Mama … Continue reading