Step 1: Mentally preparing and cleaning out your kitchen

The 1st step on this journey is to finish the unhealthy foods in your pantry, cabinets and fridge, which for the most part are any foods that have a television commercial (Eggo Waffles, Hot Pockets, Lucky Charms, Hamburger Helper, Velveeta, Cheetos, Pringles–you get the point!) and buying fresh, healthier, organic, NON-GMO whole foods when food shopping. We say to finish what you have because no one in their right mind would want to just throw unused food in the garbage, however, if you really want to get rid of it, you can donate it to your local food shelter or church, but for us we tried to finish what we had.

So now the physical part of step 1 is laid out but that’s not all there is to it!  You didn’t think it was that simple did you??  There’s a mental part as well.  Mind over matter people!!!  There needs to be a little conversation with yourself first, where a real commitment is made and then you need to find an accountability partner (AP) who you will discuss this commitment with out loud!! Mama Kat and I decided to be each other’s APs and if you’re like us, once you say you’re going to do something, you’ll be dammed if you don’t stick to it!!! Find someone in your life who is a supportive, positive cheerleader who may want to join you in this mission!!  It’s so important!  We all have weak moments but it’s having someone there who will pick you up, help pump you up, keep you excited and just overall want to be a part of something positive!! It’s also being that person for someone else when they are having a weak moment and that, too, keeps us going strong!!! Debbie Downers DO NOT APPLY!  Miserable Mollys STAY AWAY!! Now start thinking about who can be your AP and go out and get them on board!  So, are you READY?? Can you HANDLE this?? Take this week to go out with the old and then next week it will be in with the new!! Spring is a comin’ baby in T minus 10 days!! The time is NOW!!


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