Snack on This


Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you’ve all enjoyed the awesome weather this weekend! What a nice break but back to reality tomorrow! During your food shopping this week, we’d like to encourage you to stock up on some new, healthy snacks! Prior to this lifestyle change, my idea of snacking was full fat ice cream, potato chips, M&Ms, Snickers, etc. One of my major downfalls was that when I would start to get hungry in-between meals, I’d fill up on junk! Now I have so many different healthy options that I don’t even think about that other stuff!

Try replacing your chips with Popcorn Indiana (brand) Sea Salt popcorn. It contains all natural ingredients, it’s gluten free, uses non-GMO corn, no preservatives, cholesterol, trans fats and finally no high fructose corn syrup!!!! How awesome is that!!!?? It’s literally the perfect popcorn! Great for the kids to take in their lunch boxes too!!

You scream, we scream, I no longer scream for ice cream!! Instead I’m loving SO Delicious (brand) dairy free coconut milk frozen dessert. Another great player here, it’s non-GMO certified, soy free, gluten free and made with organic coconuts!

If you’re like me, a bowl of cereal is a satisfying snack, usually late night before bed. Replace your Rice Krispies or Special K with Erewhon (brand) Honey Crispy Brown Rice Mixed Berries cereal! You can find this in the organic section of your grocery store and here’s another non-GMO certified product free of gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts and tree nuts!! It’s great with some almond milk or you can even sprinkle it over some FAGE yogurt!

A great snack to keep in your purse, car or in your desk drawer at work are dried fruit snacks by peeled (brand–it’s all lowercase). They are made with one ingredient–organic apples and have no added sugar, are GMO free and gluten free! My favorite so far is Apple-2-the-core! Keep in mind when reading labels, sometimes even though it says no sugar, you will find sugar in the nutritional facts. Realize that this is natural occurring sugar–in this case, from the apples. Your body processes this sugar differently than refined sugar so it’s all good!!

A simple yet satisfying snack at any point of the day, morning, noon or night, is a sliced banana with a Tbsp. of almond butter!!

Finally, and this is a big one in terms of replacements. Try replacing your sweetener with Sweet Leaf Stevia. Stevia is the only natural sweetener on the market and this particular brand is really the only one you should choose as there’s controversy over others. Unlike other sweeteners, there are zero additives, it contains no chemicals or alcohol that give that nasty aftertaste and it’s organic, gluten free and non-GMO. The only caution is that if you’re trying to conceive you may want to steer clear as some studies show that excess amounts can possibly decrease fertility.

We think these are some great options to work into your daily regimen! The best way to eat is every few hours so after your main meals, these would be great fillers to keep you satisfied and nourished before your next meal!! Have a great week everyone!!

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